Enjoy Your Walk

Literally a walking simulator

Prototype to learn a little more about walking and meditation in games. Barely any mechanics, just walking around, looking around and relaxing, while listening to the ambience or to a procedurally generated Kalimba track (unique every time).

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Shipped Games

Mendel's Clinic

Mutate Wilkins and follow him in an adventure to save Mendel from within his body

My first game for Legends of Learning as a client, completed by a team of three in two months, teaches students about Genes and Traits.

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Mendel and The Curse of the Mean Pea

Prevent Mende's evil twin Wendel from harnessing the power of the Mean Pea

My second game for Legends of Learning as a client, completed solo in two weeks, teaches US students about reproduction and inheritance of traits.

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The Cool Lemonade Trials

Heat as Energy Transfer simulation

My third game for Legends of Learning as a client, completed by a team of two in one month, teaches US students about how heat transfer works.

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Some prototypes and experiments What we do when we don't do what we do

A Cat Has 9 Lives

A finger-swiper mobile game where different animals are more than mere skins

Every animal has different skills to surmount the obstacles and dangers down the way. Made in Unity for Android, based on preexisting template.

Fantasy Champions

Battle other fantasy creatures to survive in the arena

A 2.5D fighting game with a charismatic goblins and effectist environments.

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Responsive Maze Explorer

Resize the browser screen / turn your device to unblock new paths and loot

An innovative mechanic which is also an interactive portfolio for some content present in this page. I'm excited about iPad optimization, as the maze shifting mechanic posseses a sense of physicallity very interesting for children. Layout logic is present in the CSS itself (using SASS), with some ReactJS help for the mapping.

Play (HTML5 - Chrome highly recommended)

Don't Cut the Rope

A game that challenges the player to stop following orders

Subversion, knives, physics puzzles and tactile controls. Nuff' said.

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Educational Game: Fitness (Prototype)

A game to understand biological fitness and real world data

This prototype needs a teaching assistant to produce the best insights. The difficulty of the game changes based on the type of fitness you choose and real world data. Some countries have it easier on money matters, others in overall happiness. Now you'll finally experience how being a drunk Luxembourg native feels like!

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Duct Tape Racing (Sandbox)

Relax while betting on which piece of duct tape will win

Choose the best spot to place your duct tape pieces. Watch them try to stick for as long as they can. The first one to fall is the winner.

Play (Unity-WebGL)

Corta el rollo! (Sandbox)

Cut the falling rolls of duct tape in as many pieces as your sanity and finger speed allow

An experiment on Unity's mesh fragmentation turned stress reliever.

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Killer Bunny and the Holy Grail

Monty Python's quest seeing from the eyes of the real victim and hero of the story

The game subverts your expectations and plays with your patience. Arrow keys and spacebar is all you need. Do find the Camelot Easter Egg!.

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Poke Them All

A party game using your phone camera, shape detection software and physical paper hands

You play in the real world, the action translates to the objects on the screen. Straight forward?? NO!

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Angry Pink Elephant and the Slave Orchestra

A Oculus DK1 + Leap Motion Elephant Trunk Orchestra Conductor Simulator

Back when the Oculus and the Leap Motion were novelties, I made this game in which you use your real hand to conduct evil poachers at the will of your trunk

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